my story

Welcome to Layla says! I am Adana, the creative mind behind everything you'll find in these pages. Coming from a long line of cooking and nature enthusiasts, I passionately document the simple things in life through stories and photography. 

To me, food is among the unparalleled joys of life, and cooking a true artistic endeavor. As a big fan of organic gardening, many of the ingredients I use in my recipes are freshly grown in our family garden or foraged in the woods. 

I started this blog to nurture the creative side in me, and everything I have learned along the way has turned out to be more inspiring that I could have thought. Hope it rubs off on you too.

With love, 


Layla, my youngest sister, has turned our lives upside down by showing up at a time when we were fairly set in the definition of who and what made our loving family. Layla's free and curious spirit, and the authentic and unconventional way in which she expresses herself, has inspired me to look at the life in a bolder way.

For all the joy she has brought into my life, and for reminding me of the child in me, I thought it fitting to dedicate my adventure to her.