Rose hip picking

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We have been blessed with some very sunny weather in the past few days. In trying to make the best out of it, we spent one Saturday working on our tea collection for the winter. I also toyed with the idea of making some rose hip jam but sadly did not come close to having the time to do it (at least not yet). Making rose hip jam is very elaborate and time-consuming - but so worth it. The idea of having my own homemade, fresh rose hip jam for the winter is still attractive to me, so I guess we'll see what happens.

There is something to be said about getting out there and collecting your own teas. Now the tea-drinking takes on another component: carrying the vivid images of summer mountain walks. Since we will all soon crave some color, and since memory is fallible, I also made a few shots to keep things animated throughout the winter.

There is a wonderful little centuries-old village some 40 minutes from my house, tucked away in the hills of mountain Bjelasnica. Couple of hundred meters above it is a tiny shepherd's village, and right past it a valley with a brook running through. It is just a beautiful place for a long and quiet walk, until you reach what seems like finis terrae with a view of Rakitnica canyon.

What I find very refreshing about this region is the people. They do not get that many visitors on any given day, so you are instantly a novelty when you visit. By now I have become acquainted with many of them. It is the place I go to for fresh eggs and free apple-pie :)

My plan is to snowshoe through the valley in the winter (fingers crossed). If it happens, I'll be sure to share some images and stories with you.

The buds are now resting all over my house (floors and tabletops). All the red reminded me that red is Layla's favorite color. I don't know how many times mom has suggested to her that not everything has to be red in her paintings. Kind of wish I had one of them to share with you now... Soon, perhaps.

See you around.

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